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Welcome to our Build a Funding Plan resource page! The workbook, articles, advice, and video on this page have been designed to guide you through the process of designing a plan to incorporation applications for external funding into your graduate career. From assessing your goals and understanding funders to compiling a portfolio of fellowships and grants, GradFund can help you every step of the way.

To Build Your Plan You Will:


Learn what funders are looking for

Consider how a funder’s aims might mesh with your own scholarly or professional goals to help you decide if and when to apply to a particular award.

Assess your funding needs

Plan out your graduate school activities and goals, and then consider how external funding can provide you with resources, opportunities, and financial support to meet those goals.

Get the help to make your plan a reality

Work with GradFund to find funders who are a fit with your needs, plans, and goals, and to draft your most competitive application. We’re here to help!


Go from goal to plan to schedule

Transform your professional and scholarly goals into a clear and actionable plan, and design a personalized funding application timeline to support those plans.

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GradFund Resources for Developing your Funding Plan

Learn about Award Opportunities

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Step-By-Step Tutorial

Our online Building a Funding Plan tutorial will give you all the tools you need to integrate applications for external fellowships and grants into your graduate career.

Forums & Chat

Use our forums to exchange ideas with your peers and GradFund staff about applying to the Fulbright Hays. We also offer an online chat service called ‘Ask a Fellowship Advisor‘, where you can ask quick questions about our services, your scheduled meetings, or application procedures.

Meet with Us

Gradfund offers ‘Build a Funding Plan’ and ‘What Can I Apply For’ meetings to help you develop your plan. Ready for feedback on a draft?  Book an Application Essay Conference meeting. Learn more about our meeting types and other services here.

Building a Funding Plan Tutorial

We have developed the Building a Funding Plan tutorial to assist you in integrating fellowship and grant applications into your graduate career. Our tutorial is designed to teach you about funder timelines and interests, to help you to reflect on your goals, plans and priorities for your graduate career, and to help you to find the funding opportunities that best fit with those plans. When you’re done with this tutorial, you should have a calendar of award deadlines to work towards and a plan to apply for funding over the course of your graduate career.

Articles & Advice

Using the Summer to Develop Competitive Fellowship and Grant Applications (Advice from the Archives)

Advice from the Archives Series Note: Occasionally, we dig into the archives to uncover a post we feel holds relevant and timely information worthy of a repost. If you are interested in learning more about research grants and fellowships to support your graduate...
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Getting the Most out of GradFund’s Website

Last Summer, GradFund rolled out its new website. Some of the site's most exciting features include resource pages and a chat function. Continue reading this post to see how you can get the most out of our website. Learn No matter what stage of study you are,...
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Postdocs, Put Your Plans Into Writing!

As a postdoc, setting aside adequate time to work on fellowship and grant applications is always a challenge, but there is at least one proven action that can help you stay on track with accomplishing your goals: put your plans into writing. In the draft report,...
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GradFund: Our Place in the Funding Universe and Other Rutgers Resources

Here at GradFund, we have the privilege of serving the Rutgers graduate student community in a variety of ways related to the pursuit of external grants and fellowships. Our primary mode of service lies in our individual meeting format where Rutgers graduate students...
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Finding Funding for International Research: A Beginner’s Guidepost

There are myriad awards, some of which are open to both domestic and international students, that allow an applicant to conduct up to a year of research abroad. At Rutgers, our students generally look into these opportunities to conduct a portion of or their entire...
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So You’ve Decided to Apply for Funding: Tips on Planning Your Next Step

As a fellowship advisor, one of the questions that I most frequently encounter at the end of my meetings with students is, "What do I do next?" By asking this question, students are right on point in identifying a crucial piece of knowledge in their interaction with...
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Writing Grant Proposals When Your Research Project Has Changed

Suggestions on writing strong funding applications often emphasize the significance of starting out early. This, in general, is great advice. By making a head start on your applications, you will not only have time to develop your project, but also to get feedback...
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Integrating External Funding Applications into Your Graduate Career

When a student starts a program of graduate study, they usually have a general sense of what their life will look like for the following couple of years. In most cases, this happens through a timeline, generally set by the program, that is broken down by semester or...
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Why should I come to GradFund? (Roundup Post)

When faced with the task of applying for external funding many of us do not know how or where to start. Fortunately for graduate students at Rutgers, the university has provided you with an office within the School of Graduate Studies whose task is to provide our...
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Introduction to GradFund Workshop: Diversity in Grant Writing

Photo credit: WOC in Tech When we see or hear the word "diversity," many images, questions, and assumptions come to mind. One common assumption is that diversity means equal treatment of individuals or groups in spite of what makes them or their experiences different...
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Building a Funding Plan Workbook

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