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Applying for History Research and Travel Grants

At GradFund, we offer graduate students and post-doc scholars alike, guidance and advice for applying to different types of external funding. Most students know about the Fulbright-Hays fellowships, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and...
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So You’ve Decided to Apply for Funding: Tips on Planning Your Next Step

As a fellowship advisor, one of the questions that I most frequently encounter at the end of my meetings with students is, "What do I do next?" By asking this question, students are right on point in identifying a crucial piece of knowledge in their interaction with...
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Coping with Imposter Syndrome

As a graduate student, have you ever felt like you don't belong? That you're not actually that smart? That you got into your program by a fluke, and soon everyone will find out? That is called "imposter syndrome," and many graduate students experience it. Imposter...
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Is Archival Research Right for Me? (Advice from the Archives)

Advice from the Archives Series Note: Occasionally, we dig into the archives to uncover a post we feel holds relevant and timely information worthy of a repost. If you are interested in learning more about research grants and fellowships to support your graduate...
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Expansion and Enrichment – Funders and Your Network

Photo by Dina Lydia on Unsplash One of the most important professional development activities in academia is networking – building professional relationships within and without one’s chosen field. This includes academic collaborations and institutional contacts for...
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Asserting Your Narratives – A Defense of Narcissus

We've discussed how the personal statements matter as much as the research statements for STEM applicants. But we haven't really discuss what to include or how to approach your various narratives. From a content perspective, narratives are an exercise in...
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Smithsonian Big Ten Academic Alliance Fellowship

The Smithsonian has dozens of fellowships and internships available for graduate students. GradFund has posted many popular ones previously, from research in art and visual culture, to aviation and space history, and even horticulture. All Smithsonian Fellowships are...
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Writing Grant Proposals When Your Research Project Has Changed

Suggestions on writing strong funding applications often emphasize the significance of starting out early. This, in general, is great advice. By making a head start on your applications, you will not only have time to develop your project, but also to get feedback...
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Integrating External Funding Applications into Your Graduate Career

When a student starts a program of graduate study, they usually have a general sense of what their life will look like for the following couple of years. In most cases, this happens through a timeline, generally set by the program, that is broken down by semester or...
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Grant and Fellowship Bulletin Board

Series note:  Periodically, we post our electronic bulletin board of grant and fellowship announcements that have arrived in the GradFund office.  This is a great way to keep up to date on new competition announcements.  The newly arrived information is listed at the...
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Applying for History Research and Travel Grants

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