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DAAD Research and Study Opportunities

The DAAD offers a wide range of grants and fellowships to support research and study in Germany for every stage of graduate study (early career graduate work to dissertation research and post doctoral research) and German language training.

Study Scholarship

Study Scholarships are available to highly qualified undergraduate students or those who have received and undergraduate degree for the study of a full master’s degree program at a German university,or for study at a German university as part of a postgraduate or master’s degree completed in the US.

The on-campus deadline for Rutgers applicants is October 16, 2017.

Long Term Research Grants

Long term research grants are available to highly qualified candidates who have completed a master’s degree or in exceptional cases, have completed a bachelor’s degree by the time they begin their grants supported research, or those who have competed their PhD or wish to earn a doctoral degree in Germany.  The long term research grant is ideal for doctoral candidates who need to spend and extended period of time in Germany to conduct dissertation research and for newly minted PhDs who wish to conduct post doctoral research in Germany.

The on campus deadline for Rutgers applicants is October 16, 2017.

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Ready to apply? Scroll down for next steps.

Steps to take for your DAAD application

Meet with Us

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Step 1: Start your application

Visit  the DAAD application portal to initiate your application.  You will need to submit your application by October 16th so you can generate a PDF of the application summary.

IMPORTANT:  Once you submit your application on October 16th, it will not be possible to unsubmit it.


Step 2: Faculty Advisor Letter

Ask your faculty advisor to: 

  • Fill out the reference form (available on theDAAD portal)
  • Send the signed reference form via emailto
  • Send a hard-copy of the signed reference form in a sealed envelope to Assistant Dean Teresa Delcorso-Ellmann by October 16, 2017.



Step 3: Submit your application

Applicants submit to campus advisors (Assistant Dean Teresa Delcorso-Ellmann) by October 16, 2017:

–          1 set of paper copies or a PDF file of their application summary which is generated from the online portal

–          1 signed reference in a sealed envelope


Other DAAD Programs

In addition to the Study Scholarship and Long term Research Grant programs, the DAAD offers a wide range of programs that do not require a campus endorsement process as a part of the application.  To learn about these programs, visit: