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Graduate students have many things to juggle simultaneously, and one of the biggest struggles is to know what one should be doing at what point. Because each graduate program is different, each graduate student has to be aware of different timelines and stages. But no matter if you are in your first year or in the last phase of your dissertation, there are different fellowships that you can apply for depending on your academic level and background.

Here are some of the blogs that we have posted before that discuss how to go about planning your funding timeline:


For Graduate Students at Any Stage in Their Program:


1. Bird’s Eye View – A Timeline for Applying for Funding

In this post, Kelly guides you by stages, from training yourself in the necessary skills and developing a cohesive project, to getting advice and preparing to submit your application.

2. What Will You Do When? The Art of Designing a Persuasive Timeline

In this post, Kelly addresses students in different stages of their graduate careers on how to create a feasible timeline for each type of funding. All students, whether they are in the pre-doctoral or research stage or even completing their dissertation, will find this blog useful as a way of presenting their research and background information according to the level they are in their careers.


For Graduate Students at the Research or Dissertation Stage:


1. Projecting into the Future: How to Plan for the Next Phase of Research

In this blog post, Kris helps you think about how to plan for the future when you are more advance in your graduate career. Basically, this post is meant to help you figure out what to apply for when you are already at the research stage or writing up your dissertation. It also reminds you that planning ahead is important because of the time gap that exists between the moment you apply for funding and the time you actually get funded, which is a gap of 6 to 8 months.


For All International Graduate Students:


1. Applying for Grants and Fellowships as an International Student – Part One


2. Applying for Grants and Fellowships as an International Student – Part Two

Finally, in a two-part post, Senem addresses how the grant application timeline may be different for international graduate students whose options are more abundant in some academic stages than in others. Senem challenges some of the myths that international graduate students may hold when approaching the world of external funding, and she motivates international graduate students to confidently prepare themselves to apply for grants and fellowships.

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