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Finding Conference/Travel Grant Awards for Humanities

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Advice, Arts, Award Clusters, Doctoral, Funder and Award Spotlight, Grant, Humanities, International Students, Understanding Award Types

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One of the best opportunities for graduate students to build a professional network, and meet other people in and out your respective fields, is by attending conferences. These annual gatherings of professionals happen in different cities around the world, where you can present your work and make lasting impressions on scholars and other colleagues. However, the cost of travel, accommodations, and various conference fees can quickly accumulate. Your department might provide some travel grant each semester, but often these grants do not cover the complete expenditures of a conference and all the things that attending implies.

Here at GradFund, our Fellowship and Grant Database has many travel and conference grant opportunities available for students from many disciplines. Of course, the best option after talking to your advisor and contacting your department, should be contacting your conference/professional organization directly for information about waivers and travel grants. Travel and Conference fund are offered for many conferences for graduate students to defray your major expenses.

Here is a quick look at a few awards found in our database:

IHS Conference and Research Grant

Funder: Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University

Details: This grant provides up to $750.00 to cover travel costs and fees for career-related expenses. Can be applied to any conference!

Deadline: Three to four weeks before the day of your conference/event

Judith A. Hoffberg Student Award for Conference Attendance

Funder: Art Libraries Society of North America

Details: $1000.00 given annually in honor of the founding of ARLIS/NA and its first president, to encourage students considering a career in art librarianship and to participate in conference activities.

Deadline: October 31

Jerry Bentley World History Travel Grants

Funder: American Historical Association

Details: $200 to $400 awarded annually to support travel to the AHA annual meeting for graduate students who focus on world history as major or minor fields.

Deadline: November 1

Graduate Student Travel Award

Funder: Archaeological Institute of America

Details: to assist graduate student presenting papers at the AIA annual meeting. Students must indicate their need for assistance on the abstract submission.

Deadline: October 30, 2017

These opportunities are meant to encourage you to search and apply for different funding opportunities for conferences that you plan to attend or would like to be part of. Obtaining grants for conference travel can make the difference between attending and not attending to them. Here at GradFund we are ready to work with you on these and other grant and fellowship applications!

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