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Where to Find Information on Grants and Fellowships as a Graduate Student (Advice from the Archives)

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Advice from The Archives, Award Clusters, Nuts and Bolts, What Can I Apply For?

Advice from the Archives Series Note: Occasionally, we dig into the archives to uncover a post we feel holds relevant and timely information worthy of a repost. If you are interested in learning more about research grants and fellowships to support your graduate study, be sure to visit the GradFund Knowledgebase.

Grants and Fellowships represent the majority of funding opportunities for graduate students. Grants supply funding for thesis or dissertation research-related expenses, such as lab supplies, analytic services, or domestic or international travel to archives and field sites. They generally do not provide funding for a student’s tuition or living expenses. While fellowships provide a stipend for a student’s living expenses, and this is sometimes accompanied by a cost-of-education allowance. Visit GradFund to find out more information on grants and fellowships, and how they fit into your course of study. In addition, we provide advice on specific fellowship and grant opportunities, such as travel funding, completion fellowships, and postdoctoral fellowships on GradFund Conversations. Rutgers University Libraries also publishes information on financing your education through guides containing handbooks and links of interest.

Our previous post How to Search For Funding Effectively covers searching for grant and fellowship opportunities on the Gradfund Database. In addition to our search engine, there are other resources that list prospective funding opportunities. Rutgers Students can access the College Blue Book, through the Rutgers library website which lists scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans in Chapter 5. Articles on applying for grants and fellowships as a graduate student from higher education websites such as Peterson’s and the Chronicle can also provide best practices for developing funding applications.

Originally posted on June 4th, 2015 by Melissa Olekson. Lightly edited and updated above by María Elizabeth Roldan.

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