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Information for Graduate Programs:

An Introduction to External Funding for Your Students

We are here to assist your graduate students with identifying and applying for merit-based external funding.

What is External Funding?

We assist graduate students with identifying and applying for merit-based, external research grants and fellowships to support their graduate work.  If students need assistance with need-based financial aid, they should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

How Do We Assist Students?

GradFund Peer Mentors and Fellowship Advisors are graduate students and post doctoral associates who are trained in peer mentoring and fellowship advising to offer guidance on the best practices in grantsmanship and effective proposal writing.

Who is eligible to apply?

All graduate students are eligible to apply for external funding.  Each funding program will have different requirements but we can help students navigate their options.


When to apply?

Many awards target a specific stage of study, and students typically need to apply up to a year in advance of funds being disbursed.  We encourage students to work with their faculty advisor to decide when it makes sense to begin working on an application.

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GradFund Resources for Graduate Programs

Schedule a Presentation

GradFund Fellowship Advisors and Peer Mentors are available to present on GradFund services and best practices in grantsmanship.

Stay In Touch

Our newsletter will keep you informed about new funding opportunities and upcoming deadlines, as well as information about GradFund services and other resources that will help you search for and apply to funding opportunities.

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GradFund Resources for Your Students

Meet with Us

Schedule an individual meeting with a GradFund Fellowship Advisor for help finding funding, planning your applications, or feedback on a draft application.  Learn more about our meeting types and other services here. We meet with students in person at 25 Bishop Place, CAC  or online through our meeting platform.

Research Fellowships and Grants

Our Fellowship and Grant Database has information on over 3500 merit-based awards to support graduate students in all programs.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

GradFund’s Resource Pages provide clear, step-by-step guidance to help you build a funding plan or write your most competitive funding application. From planning your applications to getting to know your funder to completing the last piece of the application, these guides will get you there.

Mentoring Programs

GradFund’s mentoring programs are designed to provide you with guidance and structure as you learn key grantsmanship skills that you will use throughout your research career and write a fellowship or grant application.

Forums & Chat

Use our forums to exchange ideas with your peers and GradFund staff about applying for external funding.  We also offer an online chat service called ‘Ask a Fellowship Advisor,’ where you can ask quick questions about our services, your scheduled meetings, or application procedures.

Workshops & Presentations

GradFund offers presentations and workshops throughout the year.  For information about upcoming events or to request a presentation or workshop for your graduate program or group, click here.