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This page is designed for students pursing a master’s degree and who wish to apply for external grants and fellowships to support their current graduate study.  If you plan to continue on for a PhD, please visit the pages designed for doctoral students to help you plan out your funding applications.

What Can You Apply for as a Master’s Student?


What are you looking for?

As a master’s student interested in funding, we can assist you with merit-based, external research grants and fellowships to support your graduate study.  If you are looking for need-based support, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.  If you are looking for internal funding, consult with your graduate program.

What can I apply for?

Your grant and fellowship options as a master’s student will depend on your program of study.  Schedule an appointment to learn what you can apply for as a master’s student.

Who is eligible to apply?

Carefully research your eligibility to apply before you craft your application materials.  If the award’s website and other documents don’t bring you clarity, contact the program officer.


When should I apply?

Many awards target a specific stage of study, and you may need to apply up to a year in advance of funds being disbursed to you, should you win.  Work with your advisor to decide when it makes sense to begin working on your application.

Ready to apply? Scroll down for GradFund Resources.


If you need to research funding opportunities, use our award search.

GradFund Resources for Master’s Students

Awards for Master's and Professional Students

Proposal Writing 101

The GradFund Proposal Writing 101 tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of writing your grant or fellowship application.  From getting to know your funder, through to completing the last piece of the application, this guide will get you there.  It’s full of great resources that will give you valuable insights into the writing, as well as GradFund advice on how to navigate the proposal development process.

Meet with Us

Meet with a GradFund Fellowship Advisor for a Help with a Funder or  Application Essay Conference meeting

Proposal Writing 101 Tutorial

We have developed the Proposal Writing 101 tutorial to assist you in the development of an external, merit-based funding application. Our tutorial is designed to teach you best practices in proposal development, to understand how to navigate the application process and to help you with the task of writing a competitive application.


Proposal Writing 101

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Proposal Writing 101 Workbook

Once you’ve watched Proposal Writing 101, dive into our extended Proposal Writing 101 Workbook. The workbook will take you step-by-step through the development of your fellowship or grant application.

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